Handmade Duvet Covers - Open on 3 sides 


Quotes Hello Qande Duvet Covers Thank you for your duvet covers. They arrived yesterday and within the specified time frame. My husband loves them and made the bed last night. I should have bought these before if I had known this. My mother also got hers this morning and she made the bed herself as she could not use the old ones. Once again thank you and I shall be coming for more and I shall tell my friends about it. Regards WF Quotes
Wonderful idea

Quotes Hi Qande Many thanks for duvet cover received yesterday, it was ironed and on the bed within the hour. I am very pleased with it and it is well made, must save up for another one sometime, even my husband was impressed with it !! Thanks again Marion Quotes
Many Thanks

Quotes Dear Qande Duvet Covers, Just writing to say thank you for my duvet cover - it arrived on Saturday and looks great. I'm grateful that you went to the trouble of getting the material for me. Also, thanks for the Christmas card and bracelet - that's so kind of you. I sing your praises to friends and family and know it's resulted in at least a couple of orders so I shall continue to do so. I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year. Yours L O Quotes
Thank You

Quotes Good evening, Joyce! It's been a SUNNY day here in Wales?do hope YOU got your share of SUNSHINE?! Just to report, the quilt-cover arrived this morning! We couldn't wait to 'dress' our quilt! It is the great quality we hoped for AND the 'system' of fitting, as YOU well know, worked a treat?.almost effortless compared to so many previous struggles! Wish there was an easier alternative to poppers for those with clumsy hands, like myself (Lupus) - bit of a struggle - but I realise there is no alternative, hooks and eyes would be 'rubbish' and Velcro would also take some pulling apart - BUT, David and I are more than happy with the product. Many thanks for all your assistance in this, Joyce. Wishing you a happy, healthy, peaceful Easter! Our best wishes, P and D Quotes
P and D
Thank you